The Happiness of our life
depends upon the quality of our thoughts



It’s important that clients find psychotherapy beneficial and I find it incredibly rewarding when
they do. This is what some past clients have said about their experience:

I walked into my first therapy session with much trepidation about the unknown. Throughout the sessions I learnt about CBT and the techniques to challenge troubling thoughts and frustrations. Now, I leave feeling a weight off my shoulders and more confident about life’s troubles. Manch helped me to uncover a new side to myself. Forever grateful.


Thank you so much for the sessions, I have learnt so much about myself, how my mind works and it has been invaluable. The tools and techniques are brilliant, you have helped me to put a lot into perspective and as I continue on my life journey I feel so much more aligned to who I want to be. The work works and that’s what gave me the confidence to know that I can overcome my thoughts and feelings.


When I first started CBT with Manch I was in a very distressed state and Manch made me feel very welcome and safe. He helped me gain a lot of insight into my issues but then provided a calm yet proactive approach
to moving forward with helping me manage anxiety. Over the course of a few months I really valued the strong relationship built up and feel so much more confident in myself and ability to cope going forward.


When I first decided to seek therapy, I was at a point where my anxiety was at its worst – I felt lost. Manch was immediately kind and comforting. Over the next few months we rebuilt my resilience and worked through the problems I was having. After finishing therapy, I feel myself again and I am equipped with the tools to face all of life’s challenges. Manch was a huge help for me and I am incredibly grateful.


I am very grateful to Manch for his support in reducing the effects of my anxiety over recent months – he is knowledgeable, clear and understanding. Through Manch’s sessions, I have been able to recognise my triggers, identify my unhealthy beliefs and create new, healthy beliefs. This has been a huge milestone for me and I could not recommend his services enough.


I approached Manch for therapy to treat my generalised anxiety and tackle the root cause of my panic disorder and emetophobia. He has massively helped me through the last number of months. After almost 16 years I finally feel I am rewriting the belief system I had and am making amazing progress and feel freer and happier.


While I’d always been nervous about starting therapy, Manch made me feel at ease from the first session. He had a really logical and proactive approach, complete with practical exercises and stages, which was just what I needed. Thanks to Manch, I have a much healthier set of beliefs and am now in a much better place.


Working with Manch was a real milestone in working through my anxieties. It made a tangible difference to the way I manage work related stresses. I couldn’t recommend Manch enough.


Manch was an excellent support and guide for me the whole way through the CBT process. His understanding of the techniques that could support me as well as knowing when and how to deploy them effectively was excellent. The speed and the quality of the progress I made was beyond my expectations and for that I’m grateful to Manch.


I am extremely grateful to Manch, my counsellor, for leading me through a clear and comprehensive process to identify the cause of my anxiety and reduce its effects down to a level I can now manage myself. I have benefitted significantly from his counselling and am incredibly grateful for his calm and measured manner in assisting me to manage my anxiety.


Manch’s counselling style was so effective. His empathy and understanding of what I was going through really helped me to feel like I wasn’t alone. He also effectively challenged me to do the best I could with defeating negative thoughts and feelings through CBT exercises. I was able to do this to without being judged.


I found Manch to be extremely helpful in regards to my anxiety, I
never really had the confidence to give therapy a go but I soon found
myself very comfortable with Manch. He made it very easy to open up,
accommodated my needs in a very professional way and I found him to be
very informative as well as patient which is something I feel I really needed
to progress with therapy. He has been an excellent therapist for me and
helped me with long standing issues I had never wanted to explore.


Manch’s super-proactive and focussed methodology is really what
I needed as it allowed me to look at specific challenges I have with
relationships and use practical actions to change my unhealthy beliefs to
healthy beliefs. With a step by step process which has focus, I was able
to see clearly the progress I had made which is incredibly motivating and
I now have a set of artifacts developed specifically for my needs which I
can use any time. It has been an absolute joy working with Manch.


This was my first time doing CBT and I was a bit apprehensive. Manch
really kept me on track, guiding me back to my main goal when I started
to wander away from it. He followed up with me after each session,
giving me helpful tips on how to prepare for the next session so that I’d
get the most out of it. The result was that I learned how to develop new,
healthy thoughts and lowered my anxiety in just a few weeks.


Manch is a good listener and he took my concerns seriously.
I felt comfortable and heard. Using CBT, he helped me understand the root causes of my anxiety and how to manage them.
Manch explained the concepts of CBT and exercises very well so I’ve been able to continue doing them after my sessions are completed. The impact CBT has had on my mental health is amazing!


Manch really helped me with my anxiety and depression. We used
numerous different techniques in the session, as well as very helpful
activities to do each day in your own time. Any topic that I felt uncomfortable
talking about, Manch was good in understanding and allowing the
conversation to move on. The sessions I had really helped and have given
me a good foundation to build from and continue my progress.